See how much the favorite royal family earns in a year

Zara Tindall is Rani's granddaughter and is fond of sports. Zara Tindall - earns $20 million per year

Lady Eliza Spencer was the niece of the late Princess Diana. Lady Eliza Spencer - earns $74 million per year

Lady Amelia Windsor was William and Harry's cousin. Lady Amelia Windsor - earns $1 million per year

Prince George of Cambridge was the eldest son of William and Kate. Prince George of Cambridge earns $4 billion a year 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was Prince Charles' significant other. It was she who replaced Diana, the most loved in the royal family. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall - makes $5 million a year

Catherine, Duchess of Kent, was the royal wife of Prince Edward. Catherine, Duchess of Kent - earns $10 million a year

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was the younger brother of Prince Charles. Prince Andrew, Duke of York - earns $82 million a year

Sarah, Duchess of York, was the former wife of Prince Andrew and was also known as Fergie. Sarah, Duchess of York - earns $1 million a year

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, was the youngest of the Queen's children. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex - earns $45 million a year